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November 30, 2015
April 24, 2018

Pimp My Sleigh


Today’s Feature: Pimp My Sleigh
Brewery: Fat Heads Brewery & Saloon
Style: Belgian-Style Christmas Ale | 10.5% APB

Over the river and through the wood to this rich, complex Belgian-Style holiday brew. Everyone’s talking latest brew, bottled in early November by our friends at Fat Heads. We happened upon it at Industry Public House on the South Side. It’s described as having “intricate aromas and flavors of sweet dark malt, dark fruit, raisins, figs, anise and spicy phenols.”

Pours auburn with some ruby hues; tan head that fades leaving nice retention and okay lacing. The aromas are full of dark fruits. Raisin, plum and fig. Some black cherry notes. Alcohol notes are there, but it’s not boozy. Some sugar. It’s sweet, but not cloying. Lots of malts. Finishes warm. Mouthfeel is full-bodied with moderate carbonation. It’s slightly slick and syrupy. Makes for a nice sipper.


Give it a sip and give us your thoughts!