Chef Spotlight: Bill Fuller – Big Burrito – GoodTaste! Pittsburgh
April 27, 2018
Chef Spotlight: Jared Lordon – House of 1000 Beers
November 27, 2019

Chef Spotlight: Bill Fuller – Big Burrito

Good Taste! Pittsburgh is excited to announce the first interview from our new ???? ????????? ?????? – where we will bring the chefs behind the kitchen to the front! Our first feature is the executive Chef from Big Burrito Restaurant Group, Chef Bill Fuller:

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I love my food mill. There is no better way to make fluffy mashed potatoes, thick tomato sauce retaining natural body or velvety vegetable soups!

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At work, we listen to a little bit of everything and depends on the day and who is at work. It can go from Drake to Air Supply to Mac Miller to Korn over the course of the afternoon. Also, I have a nice TV in my kitchen and love to watch whatever soccer is on or the Steelers.

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That is the most impossible question to answer! Right now, fresh off my trip to Paris, I am obsessed with croissant, baguette, and all the cheese. However, I love pork ribs and roasted eggplant and wood-fired pizza and aged steaks and fresh fish and big salads and pink wine. I love to eat! As long as it is fresh and well-made, and from good ingredients – But sometimes I hit the Arby’s drive-through to check out their seasonal specials!

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You can’t make delicious food out of not delicious ingredients. — with Bill Fuller.